Talking Agile Government on Federal News Radio

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It’s official: Agile methods are gaining momentum in the Federal Government. I recently sat down to with John Gilroy to discuss the trend at Federal News Radio’s studio in Washington DC.

We had a lot of fun talking through a range of topics, whether it be the key concerns federal project managers have with Agile methods, which agencies are using them, and the procurement experiments to enable them.

Listen LIVE right Here

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Morning Fewell: PMI-ACP Certification is Updated

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In this episode of  “Morning Fewell”, we discuss the new update to PMI’s Agile Certified Professional (PMI-ACP) certification. Below the video I have a summary of my key tips for getting started with the certification.

Share a few minutes with me during your morning coffee time – it’s sure to charge you right up!

1) To learn about what’s involved with the certification, go to http://www.pmi.org/agile to find the following:
– Check out the “PMI-ACP Handbook” listing the certification requirements

– The “Exam Content Outline” which lists the learning objectives, topics, and techniques covered by the exam.

2) The best 2 books to prep for the exam are the following:

– The big book targeted by Mike Griffiths for those who need more exposure to agile methods as they head to the exam: https://www.amazon.com/PMI-ACP-Exam-P…

– The compressed book by Andy Crowe for those already confident in agile methods, and only want to focus on the exam: https://www.amazon.com/PMI-ACP-Exam-P…

3) For workshops or bootcamps to prep for the exam, look for classes taught be the two authors above


Jesse in Japanese

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This is so cool, I can’t believe it.

Many of you know that I have a quarterly column in the Project Management Institute’s premier member magazine, PM Network, called “The Agile Project Manager” The latest-and-greatest issues are reserved for paying members in good standing, but you can see some of those older columns here.

Well, I am delighted to share with you all that the team over at PMI’s Japan chapter has liked them enough to begin translating some of those pieces into Japanese.

The most recent translation is available only for chapter members. However, if you’re curious what an Agile PM column looks like in Japanese, you can download an older piece below.

I am very honored by PM Network and PMI Japan, but I simply had to share this with all of you.

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Morning Fewell – What? No Estimates!?!

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Hi there – This blog is focused on some videos I’m excited about.

First, we are introducing “Morning Fewell” on our Youtube Channel! Share a few minutes with me during your morning coffee time – it’s sure to charge you right up! This episode: What? No Estimates!?!




Second is an interview on the topic of Virtual Collaboration from the Agile2015 conference last month conducted by the Every Voice Engaged Foundation.




Psst! Hey You! It’s coming!


Virtually Agile. The most powerful resource that you’ve ever had access to… is coming. Right now, a select group is testing for us, and then hold on for the ride, because you will see the first of its kind!

“Virtually Agile”. Stay Tune.




4 Painful Lessons From an Agile Entrepreneur

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Many of you know that a little over a year ago I launched out as in independent Agile entrepreneur, trainer, and coach. Well, there’s good news and there’s bad news. The bad news is that I suffered some pain and mistakes in this first year. The good news is that I was able navigate through those issues, but only when I took a moment to pause, and then practice what I preach about Agile methods. Here are some of those lessons I learned the hard way.

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