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I’m launching my first book today at #PMICongress

I’m launching my first book today at #PMICongress

Friends, I’m really excited to announce the release of my first book today, Can you hear me now: Working with global, distributed, virtual teams. Here’s the abstract from the back cover: Today’s work world has radically changed. Whether video chatting with China, or taking a call from home, more and more professional work is no longer … Continue reading »

Jesse Fewell is Back in the USA

Jesse Fewell is Back in the USA

  The rumors are true: I have returned back to the US after a two year stint as Managing Director of RippleRock India. Now that my assignment is completed  (“build an India subsidiary”), I have been relocating myself and the family back to the States over the last few months. What was it like, you ask? … Continue reading »

Reflections After a Year of Agile Coaching in India

I started working in India full-time in August of 2010. As an American, I had a suitcase full of expectations and assumptions. After a year of working with Indian IT professionals side-by-side, it’s time for a few reflections and observations. Scrum in India is HOT. Some 18 Months ago, there was only one reliable vendor … Continue reading »

Bangalore India Talks About Scaling Scrum

This week featured the latest gathering of Scrum prapractitioners in Bangalore. This free event drew a solid 50 participants for the second straight time, and featured some really smart technology workers. The group was about 50% developers, 25% testers, and 25% managers. I did get to do my standard presentation on Agile Contracts, but the broader … Continue reading »

Scrum Gets Going In Bangalore

This past Sunday, May 31, 2010 saw the kickoff event for the Scrum Bangalore user group (photos available here). It was a 6-hour mini-conference that featured 2 speakers, and open-space, networking, and several prizes. Also in attendance were the Agile Bangalore user group, an online community led by Vinay Krishna. Rahul Sah Kicks Off The … Continue reading »

The 19 Keys to Successful Agile Projects

This past Sunday saw the kickoff of the Scrum Bangalore User Group in Bangalore, India (more on that later). At the meeting, Scrum expert Pete Deemer gave us these 19 nuggets of wisdom from his many years as an Agile coach for organizations across the world. Do it for the right reasons: Like Harry Potter, … Continue reading »

I’m Opening an Offshore Agile Shop in India

Okay gang, some big news here: I’m teaming up with the gang at Ripple Rock to start an Agile consultancy in Bangalore, India. The Dream Many of you know that I married into a first-generation family from India. Well, shortly after we started having children, we started wondering out loud: “What if we spent a … Continue reading »