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When Your Management Blog Gets Hacked

When Your Management Blog Gets Hacked

Shortly after my last post, my website got hacked. At first, it seemed like a minor glitch: Visitors clicking from google would be redirected to a harmless directory site. However, I was rather occupied with significant business travel, while also relocating my family. I simply didn’t have the time to investigate it. Well, it snowballed … Continue reading »

Just Enough, Just In Time, and Sometimes Just Because

“How much up-front planning should we do? How many people should we hire? How many meetings, documents and procedures do we need?” No matter what field or what project, we all face the “how much?” questions over and over. To avoid getting bogged down, project managers should heed three golden rules: Just Enough, Just in … Continue reading »

A Full Week of Leadership Activities at PMI

I just finished a week of activities at the PMI Leadership Institute Meeting, here in Washington DC. It was an amazing experience that reinforced to me the amazing value of volunteering at PMI. Leadership Masters Class is “High Class” My first 3 days were spent participating in the PMI Leadership Institute Masters Class program. This … Continue reading »

Use Innovation Games To Collaborate on Anything

Last week, I attended the most awesomest, super-cool, rock-my-world training class on collaborative problem-solving. Luke Hohmann of the The Innovation Games® Company taught a class of 20 consultants how to use his Innovation Games approach to team facilitation. Not only was the class filled with some already very strong facilitators, but Luke was able to give … Continue reading »

A Tale of Two Teams

This month’s PM Network Magazine features the latest installment of my “Agile Project Manager” column. You can read the column here (PMI Login Required). But In case you don’t have a PMI membership login, I’m posting the column below: One team flounders in the best of times while the other flourishes in the worst of … Continue reading »

Project Management as the Ultimate Calling

A couple weeks ago, the PMI Washington DC hosted a webinar by Agile practitioner Joe Luttrell. The talk was call “Project Management: The Ultimate Calling?”, and it blew me away. You can download the slides, but they don’t convey the full essence of his story. What’s Happened Before Take a look at these facts: Granted, … Continue reading »

The 3 Secrets to Overcoming Office Politics

We’ve all suffered it. Jane in the product design department is upset she didn’t get a budget increase, and Steve the Director of sales is upset she was promoted to VP sooner than he was, even though he had more tenure. Meanwhile, Todd the company’s chief counsel is so focused on limiting liability that Michelle … Continue reading »

Good is a Necessary Evil

I was mulling over how our project team might get better at doing Agile / Scrum, and stumbled over two proverbs that capture the substance of our efforts: “Perfect is the enemy of good” – Voltaire and “Good is the enemy of Great” – Jim Collins When contemplating the truth embedded in these statements, I … Continue reading »

Managing Life Using “Personal Scrum”

Last night, Excella Consulting held its monthly Agile Center of Excellence meeting, where someone joked about using Scrum to manage life outside the office. At first glance, it might seem silly to plan a wedding or coordinate the kids’ after-school chores/soccer/science/music activities with daily stand-up meetings and a velocity chart. I mean, why go through … Continue reading »