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Leadership is…NOT Buying a Mac

…at least not right now. I want a Mac. Badly. I’ve had a laptop for a few years now, and it’s grown to be a little rather rough around the edges. Namely, the CPU can barely handle running the latest versions of Office and iTunes together; my music has almost filled up the scant 60GB … Continue reading »

A Pattern in Martial Arts…and Leadership

I’ve recently been drawn more and more to a leadership pattern that I first encounted in martial arts: Form and Meaning. Although most explicitly described in the art of Xing-I, all the martial arts describe the contrast between the form of action, and its true meaning or essence. What I’ve noticed in great project leaders … Continue reading »

Dora The Explorer Is My Project Coach

In you’ve never heard of Dora, then you don’t have kids. “Dora the Explorer” is a Nickelodeon charactar who travels her magical world with her pet monkey boots. At the beginning of each adventure, she asks the children, “who knows which way to go?….The Map!”. When asked which way to go, the map declares: “through … Continue reading »