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New Scrum RACI for Roles & Responsibilities

New Scrum RACI for Roles & Responsibilities

  Scrum is by far and away the most popular of all the agile methods in use today. A key feature of Scrum is the distribution of responsibilities across three roles: a business representative (Product Owner), a group of skilled professionals building a product (Development Team), and a facilitator who removes obstacles (ScrumMaster). These roles have … Continue reading »

ScrumMaster exam will be pass/fail starting September 1st

ScrumMaster exam will be pass/fail starting September 1st

Today, the Scrum Alliance has announced  its “intent to transition the Certified ScrumMaster post-course test from pass-only to pass/fail on September 1, 2012.” The rest of the announcement follows below: After monitoring the results of the current pass-only test over the past several weeks, we are confident in our decision to transition to the pass/fail … Continue reading »

Reflections After a Year of Agile Coaching in India

I started working in India full-time in August of 2010. As an American, I had a suitcase full of expectations and assumptions. After a year of working with Indian IT professionals side-by-side, it’s time for a few reflections and observations. Scrum in India is HOT. Some 18 Months ago, there was only one reliable vendor … Continue reading »

Bangalore India Talks About Scaling Scrum

This week featured the latest gathering of Scrum prapractitioners in Bangalore. This free event drew a solid 50 participants for the second straight time, and featured some really smart technology workers. The group was about 50% developers, 25% testers, and 25% managers. I did get to do my standard presentation on Agile Contracts, but the broader … Continue reading »

Scrum Gets Going In Bangalore

This past Sunday, May 31, 2010 saw the kickoff event for the Scrum Bangalore user group (photos available here). It was a 6-hour mini-conference that featured 2 speakers, and open-space, networking, and several prizes. Also in attendance were the Agile Bangalore user group, an online community led by Vinay Krishna. Rahul Sah Kicks Off The … Continue reading »

The 19 Keys to Successful Agile Projects

This past Sunday saw the kickoff of the Scrum Bangalore User Group in Bangalore, India (more on that later). At the meeting, Scrum expert Pete Deemer gave us these 19 nuggets of wisdom from his many years as an Agile coach for organizations across the world. Do it for the right reasons: Like Harry Potter, … Continue reading »

Scrum Certification for DC Project Managers

I’m thrilled to announce that Excella will be hosting its very first public Certified ScrumMaster course in the Washington DC area. We’ll be hosting the class in Rockville, right on the red line. I’m still negotiating with a couple candiate venues to ensure the best possible experience. Once I’ve picked a winning facility, I’ll post … Continue reading »

Scrum Gathering Turns Into Free For All

Day 3 of the Scrum Gathering this week was a fascinating experience. The day’s events were run in “Open Space” format, where the agenda was completely self-organized by the conference attendees. First, everyone was invited to post their suggestions for a topic onto the wall. Then, all the others came to the wall to see … Continue reading »

Scrum Gathering Collides with Project Management

Yesterday was day 2 at the annual North American Scrum Gathering (click here for the events from day 1). The day featured several tracks covering a broad array of topics: The Edge of Chaos (innovation, risk, cunning…) Host:  Jimi Fosdick Huge Scrum! (Massive implementations) Host:  Sabine Canditt Good Practice (e.g. coding, testing, collaboration, design…)  Host:  … Continue reading »