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Bridging the PMI / Agile Gap

By September 18, 2007Blog, Uncategorized

Michael Griffiths and I have talked to many of you recently about forming a PMI SIG dedicated to Agile Project Management. From what I’ve seen, there is a huge gap between the PMI and Agile communities, often tainted with stereotypes and even disdain. Chartering an Agile SIG within PMI will be a huge step forward in growing the penetration of human best practices into the larger PM community. Anyway, and I wanted to give you all an update, and a chance to participate.

Last week, I talked to Danielle Ritter at PMI about the topic. She informed me that PMI has frozen the creation of any new SIGs until the completion of its Virtual Communities Project (VCP) late this year. An offshoot of the larger Communities Transformation Project, VCP is revamping the way PMI does “communities”, by analyzing organizational models, processes and infrastructure needs for communities across the board. When all is said and done, some of today’s PMI colleges and SIGs will be re-chartered and renamed, while others will continue as-is.

Until then, she is taking requests from PMI members for communities that would address a specific area. Currently there are some 32 requests. Once the VCP project has completed, PMI will evaluate nominated communities be evaluated by an internal PMI group for interest, relevance, business value, and ability to move forward. Those passing this first filter, will be asked to participate in developing a business model.

So, we need to mobilize a critical mass of noisy, interested PMPs. I need you to spread the word: the squeaky wheel will get his SIG. Specifically, have people contact Danielle Ritter (, and tell her we want an Agile SIG/community. Here is a flyer that you can hand out at local/global APLN, Alliance, and PMI meetings. I plan on handing out dozens of these at the APLN summit in October. The flyer also contains talking points to help you and your colleagues articulate the potential of a PMI Agile community.

Thanks so much for your interest. Let’s go out there and build some buzz!!