Certified Agile Leadership (CAL)


Globalization, automation, regulation, and 24×7 mobility have drastically changed the landscape of work (and life). Leaders can no longer depend on their past patterns of success to operate effectively in this landscape. Agile Leadership is effective leadership in highly complex, uncertain and rapidly changing environments.

Agile Scaling Frameworks have become the goto solution for leaders globally, but are falling short in delivering the expected outcomes. This is because none of the frameworks adequately address the mindset and behavior of the leader and their role in shaping the structures and culture to enable agile practices and teams to thrive and grow.

The Agile Leadership Journey™ provides education, direction and coaching for leaders to personally navigate their own path toward improved leadership effectiveness and improving the effectiveness of their organizations.


It is a myth that people enter adulthood at a similar level of maturity and only require developed skills and competences to grow their capability as a leader. The reality is that maturity continues to develop through adult life and a leader’s success at one position is often not adequate to succeed in the next.

All leaders progress through development stages, but not at the same pace and sometimes not at all. Most leaders begin their journey as an expert in a particular discipline or domain. About half of leaders develop cross-discipline leadership capability and begin orchestrating others to accomplish their goals. However, less than 10% of leaders develop the highly collaborative and transformative behaviors found in catalyst leaders. This program is about developing catalyst leadership mindset and behaviors for improved leadership agility.



Agile Leadership is not an end-state that can be reached, it is a growth mindset with increasing awareness, adaptiveness and effectiveness. As a leader develops agility, they increase their flexibility to situationally adapt in complex environments. In essence, they see a broader landscape and have more choices available to make more informed decisions and take more appropriate actions.

The cliff occurs between the achiever and the catalyst mindset. Expert and Achiever leaders center thinking and behaviors on knowing the right way forward and either doing it themself or getting others to do it. Catalyst leaders center their thinking and behaviors on knowing the way forward is complex and their past experiences may not be the best guide. This increased awareness, combined with the courage and vulnerability to not be right, opens up others to engage and collaborate towards a way forward.

Most workshops are delivered as private client engagements.
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Every journey requires an inspirational first step to create the awareness and understanding that there is even a journey out there for you. Let us and our Agile Leadership Awareness Workshop create your inspiration to potential new leadership paths for you.


The workshop is designed for mixing experienced leaders across the business and technical domain – this is not an IT or typical Agile Practice Workshop – this is a leadership workshop focused on leadership mindset and organizational systems. By combining all parts of the business in a single workshop, participants focus on the whole organizational system. As described by participants of this workshop…

“This wasn’t an IT agile workshop, it was a leadership workshop. Leaders across the organization in Finance, Regulatory, Technology, Marketing and other business functions need to attend this workshop together.”

Understanding that any approach to change only works in the context of the organization in which you are applying it. Rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach, this workshop centers on a culturally-oriented approach to leadership and change.


Leaders participating in this program can expect to learn across four key agile leadership dimensions…


  • Economic & Market Factors that are influencing the rise and need for agile ways of working.

  • Increasing Complexity & Uncertainty and its impact on teamwork, iterative learning, and risk-management .

  • Related Management Trends and their relationship to lean, agile and other traditional ways of working.


  • Agile Leadership Mindset to increase situational leadership effectiveness in complex, fast-paced environments.

  • Leadership Awareness & Habits to improve intention, focus, reactions, responses, and giving / receiving feedback.

  • Catalyst Leadership Behaviors to integrate alternative perspectives, engage others, and improve outcomes.


  • Organization Culture & Values and how they relate to, and influence, agile ways of working.

  • Structures, governance and metrics and how they shape culture and impede or enhance agility.

  • Case Studies of organizations that transformed to and leverage agile ways of working to run their business.


  • Identify and Reduce Bottlenecks, impediments, and overall friction across departments, functions and teams.

  • Align Goals and Values through a co-created V2MOM (Vision, Values, Methods, Obstacles, Measures).

  • Sustaining Change through taking care of the individual and organizational dimensions of transition over time.


Learning does not happen through watching slides on a screen. Learning happens when participants engage deeply in the content and context of the learning. Participants of this workshop are provided multiple learning modes to deeply engage with the content, including instructor led, participant led, shared discussions and self-reflective activities.

“This wasn’t training, it was an experience. We were never taught at, we were engaged in a learning experience in which we both participated and contributed. I have never been so engaged and learned so much in just two days.


This workshop meets the learning objectives of the Scrum Alliance Certified Agile Leadership (CAL) Program. Pete Behrens, the founding member of the Agile Leadership Journey led the design of the overall CAL Program for the Scrum Alliance. While not all of the Agile Leadership Journey Guides are certified to provide the CAL Credential, the program overall and many of our guides are credentialed through the Scrum Alliance. Refer to the each course credentials for details.

Participants optionally receive a Scrum Alliance CAL 1 Credential for the 2-day Workshop and a Scrum Alliance CAL 2 Credential from the 11-month guidance program.

This was not my first scrum class but it certainly was the best and most fun!


Definitely recommend to anyone interested in Agile and how to quickly implement at work.


Fun activities & important points put in a simple fashion.


The class was very Interactive and not just a presentation.


After taking Jesse Fewell's seminar I now have the confidence to begin my scrum journey and provide true PM value to my company.

Your Instructor: Jesse Fewell
A bridge-builder in the world of project management, Jesse is the founder of the original PMI Agile Community of Practice, co-creator of the PMI-ACP® agile certification, and co-author of the upcoming Agile Practice Guide. As a Certified Enterprise Scrum Coach (CEC), he is the creator of the Injective Coaching Method™ and has helped improve teams across the world from Boston to Bangladore to Beijing.


How do the certifications work?
All certifications are granted based on full and complete participation in the associated programs. During the program sessions, more instructions are given for how to claim the certification. Some programs require a post-class test (e.g. Certified ScrumMaster).

Something happened at work and I can’t attend. How do I cancel?
By Drop us a line, and we’ll do whatever we can to get you booked in another session.

Will this workshop really happen?
To create a meaningful learning experience, workshops must have a minimum number of registrants before they are “Guaranteed to Run”. In order to get an early-bird discount, you will usually have to register before most others. In the rare event we don’t have enough people to run the course, we will be sure to help you book a different date or offer you a refund.

Are there any extra fees I need to worry about?
Jesse’s programs feature all-inclusive pricing. Unless otherwise stated, program prices include books, supplies, and certification fees. 

Will there be breaks during the day? I have a lot of work to do.
In order to maximize focus on learning, Jesse’s immersive workshops offer limited time to do your regular daily work. It is recommended you make arrangements beforehand to set appropriate expectations that you will be unavailable during a given day.