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I’m Speaking at the Agile 2009 Conference…3 times!

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To my utter shock and delight, the Agile 2009 Conference Committee accepted all three of my submissions:

  • “Marriott’s Agile Turnaround” – This is the story of how I spent the last year or so helping an intranet project go from crisis to success:

    [When Marriott began to build its brand management intranet, the tech vendor ran into several problems that jeopardized the whole program. The introduction of Agile began a long recovery process: When should you be be covert/overt with Agile practices? How do you convince stakeholders a daily concall is more efficient than a weekly concall? Why would you pay for the tech vendor’s Agile training? How do you structure Firm Fixed pricing to be Agile? This is the story of how applying Agile techniques, first covertly, then out in the open, slowly steered the ship on course.]

  • “Growing PMI Using Agile”Michele Sliger asked me to submit this one on behalf of the PMI Agile community. It’s rather amazing what a motivated team can accomplish, and I get to use a 45-minute session to brag about it:

    [What happens when you get Agilists together to build an organization within one of the most ill-reputed bureaucracies in the world? When the Project Management Institute chartered the PMI Agile Forum, it was a huge announcement. However, now the team had to deliver a fully functioning organization to support the Agile-minded members within PMI’s membership…and do so on schedule and under budget. How do we build a business plan? How do we execute a marketing effort? How do we plan a launch event? Come see how this all-volunteer distributed virtual team extended PMI’s reach using Agile.]

  • “What is an Agile Project Manager Anyway?” – This one was a gift from Pat Reed. She came up with the idea of a hands-on workshop for exploring the murky role of an Agile PM. Then, she drafted Michele and Sanjiv Augustine to help us implement the workshop. Finally, she offered me the lead role (and the work that goes with it) so that I could get the travel allowance. Very cool:

    [Project Managers comprise the single largest category of agile practitioners that are actively engaged in the Agile industry. However, there is no clear consensus on the role of project manager within the Agile community. Viewpoints range from: “The PM is complete waste” to “The PM is a necessary part-time helper” to “The PM is a crucial communicator and facilitator.” So who’s right? This interactive session will seek to address these questions about who is good, who is bad, why they are, and who says so.]

The conference will be in Chicago in mid-August. Registration is not yet open, but stay tuned to this channel for details.