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Iteration Success

By January 8, 2009Blog, Uncategorized


I’m pleased to announce that our latest Iteration of work has been declared a success by PMI. Yesterday was the bi-weekly project review meeting, where PMI provides feedback to our Steering Committee on our work so far. Both the Virtual Communities Project (VCP) and Virtual Communities Advisory Group (VCAG) liasons told us our draft business plan was a great start. The PMI Agile community did a fantastic job getting so much done, especially over the holiday season!

With that said, there’s plenty more work to do. We’re trying to get our Business Plan completed and submitted for approval by March 1st. Our immediate priorities are:
• Correct the defects in the current draft
• Incorporate Survey feedback
• Draft the Community Development Plan
• …and figure out how we want to manage our Product Backlog

If you’d like to join in or just watch, you can register for the Yahoo collaboration site here: