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Jesse Fewell is Back in the USA

By April 30, 2012Blog, Uncategorized


Paul McCartney Back in the US

The rumors are true: I have returned back to the US after a two year stint as Managing Director of RippleRock India. Now that my assignment is completed  (“build an India subsidiary”), I have been relocating myself and the family back to the States over the last few months. What was it like, you ask?


What an incredible journey! Over the last two years, I have trained and coached software teams in India, Malaysia, and China. Not only did I get an excellent exposure to different work cultures, but I met a compelling array of people, too many to mention by name. By virtue of being an expatriate, I was exposed to a full contingent of internationals. Here’s one story: The church I attended featured a number of African students, studying in Bangalore. One Sunday, I met a Ugandan and asked about the difficult history of Uganda and India, to which he replied, “Yes, lots of history, but I like to think of the future”. A few days later, I learn the US government is warning citizens not to travel to Uganda because of anti-American sentiment there. So I was one of the few Americans in the world who had the gift of hearing this African millennial’s positive perspective on the 21st century.


I’m proud of what we created at RippleRock India, but it took work. I joke with people that I must be glutton for punishment, given that I took a job that offered both the challenges of working abroad (culture shock, home sickness, language barrier) and a startup (legal, accounting, business development). As you can imagine, I learned a LOT of things all at the same time: (1) doing Agile consulting and training (2) as a foreigner (3) in the developing world (3) starting up an (4) international (5) subsidiary. One friend of mine offered the insight that I gained amount to a real world MBA, only with the bouns of a little more white hair.

Now What?

With the firm fully instantiated, I have handed RippleRock India over to the capable hands of Hiren Doshi. The founder of his own firm, PracticeAgile, Hiren is one of the strongest agile practitioners in India, and his team has generated some amazing results for clients across South Asia. With regards to our offerings, my absence means we won’t be offering Certified ScrumMaster courses nearly as often; however, we have established RippleRock as the premier best-in-class provider of PMI-ACP training.

For myself, I’m a little winded from all the travel and will be focusing my work on my home town of Washington DC for the foreseeable future. To make that happen, I will now be working with my old alma mater, Excella Consulting. My first Washington DC Agile training with Excella will be May 31st – June 1st, and to celebrate I’m offering major discounts to anyone who contacts me personally: email {at} jessefewell {dot} com.

All of you have been a tremendous support to me these last two years, and I am deeply grateful for that support (especially from all you Desi Walas). Of course, I will be posting new ideas here soon, but for now, I’m savoring the satisfaction of accomplishing a personal and professional dream.