Morning Fewell: PMI-ACP Certification is Updated | Jesse Fewell

Morning Fewell: PMI-ACP Certification is Updated

By November 11, 2015Blog

In this episode of  “Morning Fewell”, we discuss the new update to PMI’s Agile Certified Professional (PMI-ACP) certification. Below the video I have a summary of my key tips for getting started with the certification.

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1) To learn about what’s involved with the certification, go to to find the following:
– Check out the “PMI-ACP Handbook” listing the certification requirements

– The “Exam Content Outline” which lists the learning objectives, topics, and techniques covered by the exam.

2) The best 2 books to prep for the exam are the following:

– The big book targeted by Mike Griffiths for those who need more exposure to agile methods as they head to the exam:…

– The compressed book by Andy Crowe for those already confident in agile methods, and only want to focus on the exam:…

3) For workshops or bootcamps to prep for the exam, look for classes taught be the two authors above