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Next Steps and Opportunities

By November 5, 2008Blog, Uncategorized

Latest Developments:
This past Friday, PMI’s Virtual Communities Project (VCP) hosted a kickoff concall with myself and the Virtual Community Advisory Group (VCAG). During this call we identified the next steps for the formation of the PMI Agile component:

  • VCP by 11/13 : Schedule the next sponsors concall for Friday 11/14
  • VCP by 11/13 : Convert the draft PMI Agile business plan into the latest official template
  • VCP by 11/13 : Provide access to a beta version of the new PMI web platform
  • PMI Agile by 11/13 : Complete the Current Activity Assessment

As you can guess, we agreed on the call to have bi-weekly concalls, from which all take work items and execute against a 2-week timebox. But this “iterative incremental” plan will only work if the Project Team (you) can help us accomplish those work items…

How you can help:

  • Community Ideas – First, we need all the PMI Agile enthusiasts to tell us what you are interested in having a PMI Agile component do. Should it have REP status? Do we need a print newsletter or is digital sufficient? What topics do we need to train for (e.g. PMBOK vs. Scrum)? Do you prefer annual summit/conference format like the ISSIG’s Professional Development Seminars, or do you prefer sponsoring monthly presentations at local venues/chapters? Or how about helping us define what our mission/vision should be (the steering committee has ideas, but wants to hear your first).
  • Document Integrator – Once we’ve gotten feedback from members as to what this organization should do, we need a volunteer to spend a couple hours integrating that information into the PMI Current Activity Assessment form. That form will be reviewed by PMI
  • Project Team for Netroots Communication – This yahoo group is not enough. We’ve noticed a pattern that other Other successful grassroots PM communities are using a multi-channel communication strategy to get the word out. We need anyone who has the energy and resources to create a LinkedIn group, create a Wikipedia page, post on Agile websites, and blog on the PMI Agile topic in general.
  • Project Team for FTF Communication – One of the core Agile principles is the effectiveness of face-to-face communications. Do you need a PMI Agile leader to speak to your company, your chapter? Who can go where and when to spread the word or meet with PMI leaders? Which venues are the right ones, and which are a waste of time? Heck, can YOU volunteer to speak at various venues across the globe ? We can train you on talking points and provide funding.
  • Project Team for Local Chapter Collaboration – Are you leading an APLN chapter, a PMI Chapter, or both? We want to hear about how local chapters of APLN and PMI are collaborating to develop the project management community in your area. Examples include the Agile track of the 2008 PMI Dallas conference, the strategic agreement between PMI-DC and APLN-DC, and the group of Agilists forming a new PMI Chapter in Luxembourg.

I hope to see a lot of chatter from each of you on the items above. There is plenty of opportunity for you to get in on the ground floor of an emerging PMI component. I firmly believe that “Agile can change the way we do business, by changing the way we do projects”. Let’s make it happen.