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PMBOK/Agile @ APLN Maryland

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I am giving a talk on PMBOK vs. Agile at the APLN Maryland chapter meeting later this month. Details are below:

Date & Time: Tuesday, 24 February 2009, 5:45pm

Title: PMBOK vs. Agile: Sifting Reality From Myth
Description: With the increased success of Agile processes and the growth of PMI, project teams are faced with a choice: Use PMI’s collected body of project management practices or use Agile. We are told that PMI practioners mandate a waterfall command-and-control approach, and that Agile is the process-free alternative. But a quick look side-by-side comparison reveals a much more complex situation. What do we make of facilitative servant-minded PMPs? Could Agilists gain value from PMI materials? What is the official position of PMI towards Agile?

Locale: Columbia, MD
Presenter: Jesse Fewell
Details and Registration here: