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PMI Agile @ Texas

By October 6, 2008Blog, Uncategorized

Texas is blazing forward on the PMI Agile front, with TWO cities showing about recent collaboration:

  • In Houston last year, Alan Bustamante helped spread the buzz about PMI Agile at the PMI Houston Conference. Well, his efforts have yielded some fruit. He and Robbie Mac Iver have just launched a local APLN chapter (Congrats!), and partnered with PMI Houston as a sponsor of their events. With that sponsorship comes formal PDUs for attending the chapter meeting, as well as ongoing cross-pollination of chapter memberships.
  • In Dallas, the local PMI chapter offered an educational seminar earlier this summer. They collaborated with Julie Chickering and the local APLN chapter to provide an Agile track. Not only was the track well received, but it serves as another example in the growing the collaboration between APLN and PMI at the grass-roots level.

Alan, Robbie, and Julie are all on our yahoo distribution, so send them a quick note of congratulations.