My NEW Book “Untapped Agility” is Now Available for Pre-Order with Bonuses! | Jesse Fewell

My NEW Book “Untapped Agility” is Now Available for Pre-Order with Bonuses!

By June 11, 2020Blog

My NEW Book “Untapped Agility” is being published!

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A balanced guide to Agile transformation that gets past all the hype and jargon to help leaders tailor Agile to their unique organizational setting.

Agile transformations are supposed to make organizations modern, competitive, and relevant. But in the rush to jump on this latest bandwagon, many leaders make the mistake of adapting superficial versions of agile techniques, only to find that their organizations are only marginally better versions of their previous selves. My new book cuts through the “quick fix” hype of agile theory and uses decades of agile coaching experience to unpack the mistakes that hold organizations back. In it, I identify the seven common leadership moves that can be used to unblock stalled agile transformations.

Once you understand these moves, you’ll be able to do the hard work of building a wholeheartedly agile organization: your transformation will go more than skin-deep. Based on case studies from the field, this book unapologetically engages with the messiness of organizational culture and process change, and will help you navigate those challenges in a way that works for your own people.