Morning Fewell – What? No Estimates!?! | Jesse Fewell

Morning Fewell – What? No Estimates!?!

By October 1, 2015Blog

Hi there – This blog is focused on some videos I’m excited about.

First, we are introducing “Morning Fewell” on our Youtube Channel! Share a few minutes with me during your morning coffee time – it’s sure to charge you right up! This episode: What? No Estimates!?!




Second is an interview on the topic of Virtual Collaboration from the Agile2015 conference last month conducted by the Every Voice Engaged Foundation.




Psst! Hey You! It’s coming!


Virtually Agile. The most powerful resource that you’ve ever had access to… is coming. Right now, a select group is testing for us, and then hold on for the ride, because you will see the first of its kind!

“Virtually Agile”. Stay Tune.



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